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The Growing Threat on Email Security

Email has become the main communication platform for almost every company today. Cybercriminals exploit this fact. They target email as their main point of entry. Hackers capitalize on the high chance of human error and relaxed email security.

For example – an average employee receives many emails daily but doesn’t typically have enough time to carefully review each one. As a result, human error usually comes into play. Similarly, we may think that since we’re not sending highly sensitive information, there is no need for email security. This is when it becomes a big mistake. These scenarios give us a false sense of security. They effectively make us feel relaxed and unintentionally negligent.

Cybercriminals will exploit any vulnerability in a company’s security. They attack unforgivingly. Hackers do not just use email for its content. They particularly use an email account as an entry point to breach a company’s network. With the ill intent of causing damage, they start accessing highly sensitive company information.

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The Current State of Email Security


of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses


of businesses are prepared to defend themselves


of all small businesses suffered a breach last year


of companies go out of business after an attack

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Your Business and Email Security

Email communication may not be as private as we may think. In reality, emails are the most easily monitored and reviewed. As a business owner, this can easily become an issue. It’s not just a potential breach of privacy laws and regulations. Most importantly, this puts the company’s security at risk.

With this in mind, we have listed down some steps you may take to safeguard your organization:

1. Implement a strong password policy
2. Provide Security Awareness training for employees
3. Enforce Email Usage Policy
4. Invest in top of the line Email Security like Mimecast

Five Layers of Mimecast Security

browser with security
This makes website access and web address sharing safe for employees.
Paper with security lock
This neutralizes malicious content in emails.
Identification card
This protects employees from accidentally sharing credentials.
envelope with security
This monitors threats in internally generated emails.
security shield
This lets you use flexible policies to identify and block potential leaks.

Mimecast as Email Security

Email threats grow both in volume and sophistication. Every company needs comprehensive and proven email security software. It should be as agile, as intelligent, and as adaptable as the methods used by attackers. Cybertunities partnered with Mimecast, a leader in this field, in order to help safeguard your business. The top attack threat demands only the greatest possible protection. With this purpose in mind, Mimecast stands firmly in providing top-of-the-line email security – but with reduced risk, complexity and cost compared to its competitors. In addition, below are some of the advantages of getting Mimecast:

1. Over 40,000 customers globally
2. Nearly two decades of cybersecurity experience
3. A commitment to continuous innovation

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